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   Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores is one of the landmarks in the town and the history of Sangareddy, initiated by Mr. M.Pandurangam. True to its name M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores has brought good fortune through its Pure, Trust and Quality service.

     With a business expertise of thirty years in the field of retailing M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores established in the year of 1983 and registered under APGST Act in the year 1983 and thereafter received a great recognition throughout the marketing field ranging from cosmetics to cashews. As the years rolled down, it has sought great reputation of becoming one and only renowned leading general stores in the Sangareddy town.

It was established with the investment amount of Rs.1500/-, yearly turnover of Rs.1,00,000/- and with no employees for more than 2 years. Today, M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores to its credit has a total capital of Rs.10,00,000/-, with yearly turnover of above Rs.60,00,000/- and employing Ten Staff Personnel.

Coming to the scenario of Sangareddy, it is the head quarter of Medak district with an estimate population of more than Two Lakhs. The Town of Sangareddy is categorised mainly into two parts viz. Old city comprising of Shivaji Nagar, Bhavani Mandhir, Kindi Bazaar, Ram Nagar Nalsab Gadda, Bhraman Vadi, Darushifa, Old Bus Stand, etc. and New city comprising of Prashanthnagar colony, Electricity colony, Shanthi Nagar, Manjeera Nagar, Indra Nagar, Rajampet, Virabhadra Nagar, New Bus Stand, etc.

M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores is the first retail store, located in the prime location of New Bus Stand area with a very good potential for trading business. M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores introduced the tradition and practice of packing all grains and pulses as well as catering home delivery service of the goods to its customers. It was and is the only retail outlet where customers get all kinds of General and Kirana goods at almost wholesale prices in Sangareddy.


Ensure best customer care by providing services with a dedication to the highest quality customer satisfaction delivering with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and dignity as well as enterprise spirit and worthiness.


Getting connected to more people and organisations about the available products and services in more Innovative, Simple, Reliable and Humane ways and means then any other enterprise in Sangareddy.


? To attain a target of Fifty thousand valued customers.
? To become the most competitive enterprise.
? To achieve 100 Percent total Customer Care Satisfaction on every day in every product for every customer.
? To enhance Management Information Systems and Leverage the technical expertise to address new market opportunities.
? To be the Number One retail outlet in this Globalised market.


Initially, the customers were centered around the family members, relatives, neighbors as well as well wishers. Basically, M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores has setup for a profit motive business by providing and serving to the community of Sangareddy with utmost Quality service. It never thought of providing substandard material to its customers rather it has created a niche among them by offering credit services to its customers irrespective of their financial stability, Place of origin, nature of work so on and so forth.

The Government Departments are located in the domicile of Sangareddy where in the employees have co-existed around New Bus Stand. Further due to the rapid growth of Urbanisation and Industrialisation, People started migrating to various places in search of employment, better opportunities and lead a better life with in their available resources. The high density of small-scale and large-scale industries in the surroundings of Sangareddy attracted the people to reside at Sangareddy. In this way, most of the people in South India have migrated to Sangareddy and there by lead to the rapid growth and increase in population. As they started living in Sangareddy, the immediate concern pricks their mind is the availability of basic needs and services such as Health Care, Good Food, as well as day to day groceries.

Through the word of mouth, the individuals, working group, Religious Institutions, Hospitals as well the caring citizens of Sangareddy started recommending M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores as one of the best retail outlet in providing services at low price with utmost quality. Day in and day out, the productive customers have come to know the invaluable services catering to them by M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores. Today, it has the credit of attracting vary large number of these customers.

? District Collector,
? District Magistrate and Judge,
? Superintendent of Police,
? General Manager - BSNL,
? Chairman - Zilla Parishad,
? Branch Manager - State Bank of India,
? Branch Manager - State Bank of Hyderabad,
? Chairman - Manjeera Grameena Co-Operative Bank,
? Manager - Manjeera Grameena Co-Operative Bank,
? Sri P.Ramchandra Reddy – Ex – MLA.,

Further, to its credit, about 70% of the Employees of the above mentioned Banks, Financial Institutions and Government Departments; other 70% of the advocates; 80% of the Doctors and 65% of other allied sector existing in Sangareddy are its valued customers.

More over, most of the industries located in and around Sangareddy have their gust houses and offices in Sangareddy and there is no doubt to say M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores is the only retailer to this considerable number of industries and industrial employees.


? M/s. Ganapathi Sugars India Ltd.,
? Charminar beverages Ltd.
? Madras Rubber Factory (MRF),
? Avon Organics,
? Vijay Electricals,
? Restyle Ceramics,
? Charminar bottling company - Business partner with PEPSI etc.

Its really happy to share that the industries like Ganapathi Sugars India Ltd; Charminar beverages Ltd. as well as MRF have a total agreement with M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores for supplying all the goods and services required for Guest houses and Mess at regular intervals.


Is the only retail store in Sangareddy with the total number of Ten employees. Six employees work at the main outlet where as the other four employees work in the store room who are engaged in cleaning, packaging and supplying the super finished goods and services to the main outlet. All the grains, pulses, etc. are cleaned and packed in a very systematic and sophisticated way by using the best practices and technical know-how. The process of cleaning, Picking and Packing continues as follows:
1. The item to be cleaned is first dried under sunlight.
2. Staining is done manually for better result.
3. Stones and unwanted things are removed by hand picking.
4. The required quantity is measured on sophisticated electronic weighing machines.
5. Then they are air tightly packed in transparent plastic covers.
6. The packing is done using sophisticated packing machines.
7. This airtight packing is implemented because the goods should not loose their freshness.
8. This air tight packets are Transported from store room to outlet.


Every dream has a small beginning. True to its caption M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores is the biggest retail out let in Sangareddy, which has come a long way in terms of providing customer satisfaction, customer care and unlimited services in terms of both Quantity and Quality to its valued and esteemed customers.


• One stop shop for all Groceries, Cosmetics, Personal and Baby Products, Kirana, General and other provisions.
• Low at price; best at quality and quantity.
• Customer can get almost all brands and all Variety of products and services.
• The Trust, The Quality and The Quantity make the difference.
• Free Home Delivery system to its valued customers.
• Surprise gifts on the festival and special occasions.
• Providing Credit system to the customers.
• Pre-Formatted list of the available goods and services.

Today, M/s. Sri Vani Kirana & General Stores represents a concern which is widespread over 20,000 customers all over Sangareddy. It is working relentlessly to achieve greater customer satisfaction by employing more modern and innovative methods to offer a wide range of products and services. In this competitive world, it strives to serve each customer with commitment, trust and above all utmost quality service that does matter.


As you sow; so you reap. Every human being on this beautiful Earth would like to be happy and make his/her family members very much delighted with hard work, sincerity and commitment to the work life. More so, a person like me would like to reach grater heights with available resources both financial and material in the near future. We feel proud that the enterprises we own will provide quality service with utmost dignity and care.

We have already mentioned in the earlier leaves of this profile that a lot of Government departments, Banks, Financial Institutions, Schools, colleges, Business firms, small-scale and cottage industries as well as large-scale industries are under the purview of M/s. Sri Vani Kirana and General Store. With the invaluable experience and expertise in globalised market, we firmly believe that the prospective customers will definitely come forward and accept to the new business and innovative strategy.

The diversification from traditional business to e-age will definitely make a lot of difference in terms of mobilising customers and sustaining the business enterprise. It will solely possible with your valuable support and co-operation. We do hope, this partnership with you will go a long way by creating a better world to our customers through this e-age.

Together, we will bring a change
in the lives of citizens around the Globe.

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